Toy Army is here to provide parents a full range of children's quality army toys from leading brands. Army toys allow young kids to explore their imaginations and set battle scenes from the deserts of the middle east to the jungles of Africa, in the safety of your home and garden.


Whilst we don't currently sell the items featured on our web site directly to you at this time, but we've simply gathered the widest range of army toys on the Amazon UK Marketplace and stuck them right here on ToyArmy.co.uk, a web site dedicated to featuring kids army toys and related accessories.

Our web site features several main categories from army sets, figures, tanks and vehicles, including those classic little green army men toys you get in packs, we have dozens of exciting army toys to choose from allowing you to then buy from Amazon at your pleasing. Just browse our web site and add the item(s) to your Amazon basket. Just browse the categories to your left on the menu.


If you need to contact us about anything you can do so by email on our contact page.