Build an army capable of winning battles alone from a full line of children's toy army figures. Browse kids army men figures featuring U.S. army men and classic British HM Armed Forces action figures officially licensed. The toy army soldiers come in still figures or with plausible arms and legs for added play value.

Every army needs good soldiers and it's up to the young general to train his toy army figures up to high standards. Get them training in the dining room or in the bedroom then send them out to battle in the garden. Children's toy military figures come in all sizes, so it's a good idea to stick with the same brand so everything is correct size.


HM Armed Forces Arctic Ski Patrol Figure Set
This 10 inch Infantryman is ready for arctic action and is equipped with snow terrain clothing, hood and balaclava.
HM Armed Forces Armoured Infantryman
This HM Armed Forces armoured infantryman is a British Army soldier that can be posed with or without his weapons.
HM Armed Forces Army Parachutist
Incredibly detailed and authentic this 10 inch action figure has a real working throw and deploy parachute.
HM Armed Forces Basic Training Action Figure
Action figure includes desert camouflage fabric trousers.
HM Armed Forces Infantryman
Incredibly authentic fully articulated 10 inch action figure is based on the real Infantry soldier of today.
HM Armed Forces Mortarman & Heavy Mortar
This action figure is based on the real Mortar operator.
HM Armed Forces RAF Falcons Parachutist
This part-poseable 10 inch action figure has a real working throw-and-deploy parachute.
HM Armed Forces RAF Police Dog Handler
Fully poseable 10" RAF Police dog handler talking figure with RAF police dog.
HM Armed Forces RAF Winch Man and Stretcher
Recreate your own daring and heroic rescue missions.
HM Armed Forces Regiment Gunner
Price: £10.99 (price may change)
This figure features a removable fabric desert camouflage uniform and combined body armour and patrol vest.
HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando Sniper
Brilliant likeness to the real life Royal Marine Sniper.
HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando with Hawk Eyes
Fully poseable 10" Royal Marines stealth operations.
HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando with Stealth Canoe
Fully articulated 10 inch Royal Marines action figure.
HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando
Features realistic and removable green fabric camouflage uniform, belt with pouches and a replica assault rifle.