HM Armed Forces Army Parachutist
Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 3 years +
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Product Description

Incredibly detailed and authentic this 10 inch action figure has a real working throw and deploy parachute and is robust to withstand the hardest impact. Now you can take on your own aerial challenges by throwing this paratrooper sky high. Watch him defy all the odds as his parachute deploys and returns him safely to the ground.;Paratroopers have been part of the British Army since the Second World War.

Parachuting offers a means of rapidly deploying soldiers and equipment into areas which can be difficult to reach. One of the key roles of airborne forces is to deploy in advance of heavier main forces to seize and secure vital ground such as airfields or bridges and to destroy enemy weapon systems.;Airborne forces are made up from soldiers from all arms, including: Infantry, Artillery, Engineers, Signals, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Logistics, Medics, Military Police and Intelligence.

Paratroopers undertake arduous airborne training which makes them amongst the British Army’s most elite soldiers. They jump into battle from the C-130 Hercules aircraft.;Each C-130 can carry up to 90 paratroopers. Paratroopers can jump from as low as 500ft (153cm) on operations to allow them to reach the ground quickly and achieve their objectives.

Average Jump Height Operations – 500 ft (153m) Training – between 600 ft (183m) and 1000 ft (306m) .

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