HM Armed Forces Mortarman and Heavy Mortar
Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 3 years +
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Product Description

The British Infantry is based on the well tried and tested regimental system. It consists of 36 regular battalions and 14 territorial battalions and forms 18 Regiments.

Incredibly detailed and authentic, this fully articulated 10 inch action figure is based on the real Mortar operator of today. The figure features removable fabric desert camouflage uniform and combined body armour and patrol vest with additional neck and arm protection. The clothing is designed to provide the soldier with exactly the right degree of protection for any operational environment. It has to satisfy stringent military requirements such as infrared reflection, thermal signature and flame resistance. This all action Army figure also has a removable combat helmet inspired by the Mark 6a combat helmet that provides outstanding protection while allowing the soldier to wear a respirator, ear defenders, goggles and a radio set.

This action figure has a miniature replica British Army standard 5.56 mm assault rifle with sling as well as an 81 mm mortar and mortar round modelled on the real L16A2 81 mm Mortar. This awesome piece of kit is a Battlegroup level, indirect fire weapon that is capable of providing accurate High Explosive, smoke and illuminating rounds out to a maximum range of 5,650 metres. Mortar operators in mechanised and armoured infantry battalions can fire from armoured personnel carriers. This increases their mobility, and enables fast disengagement and movement.

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