HM Armed Forces Regiment Gunner
Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 3 years +
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Product Description

Incredibly detailed and authentic, this fully articulated 10 inch action figure is based on the real RAF Regiment Gunner of today. The figure features a removable fabric desert camouflage uniform and combined body armour and patrol vest which are designed to provide the soldier with exactly the right degree of protection for any operational environment. This all action RAF figure also has a removable helmet inspired by the Mark 6a combat helmet that provides outstanding protection while allowing the soldier to wear a respirator, ear defenders, goggles and a radio set.

RAF Regiment Gunners, also known as ‘Rock Apes’, dominate the ground around airbases, enabling air operations anywhere in the world.Protecting both aircraft and personnel, RAF Regiment Gunners operate the latest protected patrol vehicles, carrying state of the art weapon systems, searching for and defeating the enemy. This action figure is no exception kitted out with a replica General Purpose Machine Gun!

It takes grit and determination to become a RAF Regiment Gunner. They have to pass demanding physical training and have the stamina to perform anywhere the RAF requires them, in any climate. Motivated and tough, the RAF Regiment Gunner will spend days on missions where their arduous training prepares them to perform to the very highest of standards.

The RAF rely on the RAF Regiment for their protection on operations all over the world. Rapidly deployable and exceptionally capable the RAF Regiment deploys on operations supported by engineers, armourers and a whole host of other people in the RAF working together.

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