HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando Sniper
Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 3 years +
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Product Description

Now your sharp shooter can see everything! This deluxe figure features “Hawk Eye”. Move the small lever at the back of the head allows you to easily move your action figures eyes back and forth!

The detail is stunning and the likeness to the real life Royal Marine Sniper is amazing. The figure features realistic desert camouflage snipers “ghille” smock, trousers and removable soft brimmed cap. The Royal Marine Sniper is taught how to successfully engage targets at 1200 metres, and to harass a target out to 1500 metres with the L115 A3 Sniper Rifle. A replica of this impressive weapon is also included in this highly detailed action figure.

Snipers are employed as members of Sniper Troop within a Commando Unit. They will work as a pair consisting of a sniper and an observer. These pairs can be formed into 4 or 6 man teams who provide precision fire support to a Company; they may also be grouped as a Troop for Commando Unit level tasks.

He is an expert at locating and identifying targets which he may engage himself, or report the enemy’s activities to his Headquarters. Snipers are taught how to move across all types of terrain by day and night, move into a fire position, engage targets and extract whilst remaining unobserved by the enemy.

Snipers will be expected to work for prolonged periods of time in arduous conditions in many different climates. They strike fear into the enemy and are the most effective weapon against enemy snipers. As trained observers they are the eyes of the Commando Unit on the battlefield with the ability to strike unexpectedly at anytime.

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