Support your soldiers on the battlefield with a toy army plane, ready to drop bombs on your targets. We feature various army and air force aircrafts from army planes to air force fighter jets. The toy planes carry missiles and laser guided bombs so its up to your army on the ground to lay out the targets for the pilot. Aircrafts can be ready to take-off from airbases and aircraft carriers quickly.

The featured toy army planes we have here include U.S. military airplanes and fighter jets carry payload of missiles and bombs on the wings. The larger aircrafts have an opening cockpit window, plus working undercarriage and the bombs can be removed. The smaller scale planes are perfect for creating miniature air forces and air battles.


HM Armed Forces Vector Thrust Fast Jet
Jet aircraft enable the RAF to project air power as a deterrent, or in response to aggression.
World Peacekeepers A-10 Thunderbolt
Featuring a large 60cm jet with opening cockpit, and two pilots complete with missiles and accessories. 1:18 scale.
World Peacekeepers FA-18 Hornet & 2 Figures
Jet with opening cockpit, landing gear and folding wings.
World Peacekeepers SU-27 Jet Fighter
SU-27 Flanker jet fighter with retracting landing gear, opening air brake and two vertical tail fins.