HM Armed Forces Stealth Kit
Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 3 years +
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Product Description

With a 16 page tracking and navigation skills booklet included, this set takes stealth exploring to a whole new level. The comfortable and easy to wear head gear gives children the ultimate device for indoor and outdoor exploration. These Night vision effect goggles with blue lens light have adjustable straps to fit kids of any size and the viewing goggle is adjustable to use with either eye. Also included is a military field compass - complete with cover and adjustable bezel – which is useful for taking bearings and finding your position whilst on the move

Navigation is an essential skill for everybody to learn. A good navigator takes in their surroundings and is able to tell others where they are or give directions to other places. It is important as it helps plan the easiest path between two places, avoiding tricky terrain or opposing forces. Learning to use a map and compass will help you navigate in unfamiliar areas.

Tracking is the ability to follow someone or something without being noticed. You need to have keen eyes to look for the smallest clues. A good tracker needs to be able to move quietly and keep hidden in pursuit. Navigation and tracking are two skills that work well together. They are vital skills particularly if you are in the Armed Forces. Use the handbook to learn about these skills and practise using the missions. Are you ready to become a navigator and tracker?

Product Features

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