Get your army into battle quickly with army toys sets featuring army figures, buildings, vehicles and accessories to complete the set. These toy army sets we have featured here includes everything you need to set up a command centre for your army, with the set complete in a boxed presentation or packing.

A good army set comes in the same scale so your army men, vehicles and accessories fit together in your army playset. Often, the army men can be used in the vehicles and the soldiers can fit in the buildings that come available in a set. Other army accessories available with sets can include sandbags, barbwire and trees.

OUR ARMY SET Selection

World Peacekeepers Army Battle Scene
Deluxe Battlefield Complete with battle scene structure with 6 fully articulated action figures and more.
World Peacekeepers Battle Command Post
Battle Command Post includes briefing room and look-out. Comes with military vehicles, figures and accessories.
World Peacekeepers Lookout Tower & Figures
Lookout Tower is perfect for acting out jungle battle scenes.
World Peacekeepers Military Base Playset
World Peacekeepers Military Base Playset in 1:18 scale. Includes 6 figures, lookout tower, camping set and more.
World Peacekeepers Military Camping Set
The Millitary Camping Set is a perfect set to get you started into the world of World Peecekeepers.
World Peacekeepers Military Defence Unit
The playset features 3 fully articulated figures, stone wall defences and accessories.