Every army needs transportation and we have a good collection of toy army vehicles for yours. Find a selection of various toy army vehicles, these include Reconnaissance, motorcycles and quad bikes, painted out in green or desert camouflage colours. Most toy army vehicles are heavily armoured and used for supporting and carrying troops to the battlefield or bringing weapons to the frontline.

Before you begin picking our army vehicles be sure to get them from the same scale, this can be achieved by picking out army vehicles from the same brand. The smaller army vehicles are good for creating miniature battle scenes but not big enough to open doors and fit soldiers. The large vehicles have moving parts and fit army men.


HM Armed Forces Tri Force Wmik Jackal Vehicle
Weapons Mounted Installation Kit for UK forces.
HM Armed Forces Quad Bike
Quad bike for British Armed Forces with features including rugged off-road tyres, real steering and storage area.
HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Raiding Party Set
Quad bikes offers the ability to deliver vital supplies.
HM Armed Forces Arctic Skidoo plus Action Figure
Cross any arctic terrain with this snow mobile set.
World Peacekeeper ATV Dirt Bike with Light and Sound
Figure with quad bike, working headlights & engine sounds.
World Peacekeepers Fast Attack Vehicle
Introducing the 22cm Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV). This vehicle comes complete with swivel mounted machine gun.
World Peacekeepers Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) with working parts.
World Peacekeepers Military Buggy & Figure
World Peacekeepers Range Military Buggy 24cm military buggy with 2 fully articulated figures.
World Peacekeepers Military Jeep
World Peacekeepers Range Military Jeep 20cm military vehicle with fully articulated figure and accessories.
World Peacekeepers Military Motorbike Set
Highly detailed army motorcycle with 12'' soldier with accessories, size: 35cm Length.
Siku Armoured Reconnaissance
Action toy miltary vehicle made out of die-cast metal at a basic price. With 6 wheels and mobile machine gun.
Siku Desert Lion Humvee
Miniature die-cast model of the Desert Lion humvee finished in green camouflage.