Get them out of the house and in the garden with toy army weapons and guns featuring realistic sound. Kit him up with a selection of machine guns, pistols and hand grenades ready for combat. Your selection of toy army weapons and guns include machine guns, pistols, shotguns, rifles, knives and hand grenades.

Your weapon of choice will more often than not feature a bright orange tip on the gun barrel to let everyone know it's simply a toy. These realistic toy army weapons are very authentic, they include light sound machine gun or pistol noise and come with extras like silencers, scopes and a honest for carrying around your shoulder.


Taidi TD-2007 Super Action Machine Gun
Highly realistic and detailed children's machine gun for young special forces or soldier taking to the battle field.
KAS Grenade Ammo Box With 6 Toy Grenades
Fully loaded army hand grenade set that look very realistic.
KAS Set of 12 Army Grenades
Set of 12 toy grenades. Keep them safe until the play war begins.
KAS Set of 3 Toy Dynamite Sticks
Three cylinders with wires coming from each that resemble dynamite.
Bristol Novelty Fancy Dress Bullet Belt
Use this realistic looking bullet belt for kids army play or grown-ups fancy dress costume.
KAS MP5-K Machine Gun - Fires Soft Rubber Darts
As used by many forces and also the police.
KAS M-16 Assault Rifle - Realistic Sound
Toy M16 Assualt Rifle with realistic it sounds. Once you're lost in your play world, you'll even forget that it's not real.
KAS UZI Machine Gun - Fires Soft Rubber Darts
This full scale Kids Model Uzi with an orange and black print.
Smiffys Commando Gun Set
This Commando set contains everything to create the ultimate combat fancy dress look.
Webbs Military MP5 Suction Air Gun Set
Go to war with a reliable machine gun for close quarter battle. Comes with ammo and a sight visor.
Combat Force Sniper Rifle
Combat mission sniper rifle, 60cm long well using 8 shot caps. Removable scope and folding stand.
HD Action Force Machine Gun - Shooting Sound
Personal defence weapon repeater with shooting sounds.
Combat 3 Electronic Gun - Lights & Sound
Combat 3 electric toy gun with lights and sound. Features include battery operated infrared or digital light.
Military Schmeisser MP40 Dart Air Gun Set
Great army commando gun set includes machine gun, pistol, binoculars and ammo.
KAS M-60 Machine Gun - Fires Soft Rubber Darts
Air Gun Set with six darts is perfect for junior soldiers.