Remember those little plastic green army men in packs we used to play with, and even today they're still a favourite with kids. We provide you a full range of packs of little green army men in clear packs featuring dozens of toy soldiers with a few tanks, sandbags and flags thrown in for instand play value.

These plastic army men packs are a favourite with kids because they can create small battlefields and wars from just one pack, and very rarely are extras needed. The packs of little green army men come in all shades of green, usually other colours representing the badguys. A basic green army man stands at 3cm tall.


Toy Story Andy's Toy Soldiers
This definitive collectors edition of the fearless platoon of 72 soldiers includes two working plastic parachutes.
Toy Story Bucket of Green Army Men
Toy Story Bucket of Green Army Men with over 50 static figures included.
Combat Force Jumbo Soldier Pack
A bag of toy soldiers, perfect to add to any combat zone and battlefield. Made from durable plastic.
Combat Force Army Battle Play Set
Box set of little green army men made from plastic. Consists of classic army men, jeep, sandbags and a tank.
Combat Force Jumbo Army Soldiers Pack
Contains tanks, soldiers, tent defence walls, boats and paddles, Jeeps barbed wire, canons, cones and oil drums.
Halsall 48 Piece Soldier Pack
pack of 48 plastic toy soldiers with 24 light green army men and 24 dark green army men representing two army forces.
Schylling US Army Soldiers Jumbo Bag
Classic green army men. 40 pieces per bag with many different poses.
Playwrite 20 Piece Army Soldiers Set
Bag of 30 assorted soldiers in two shades of green. Use this class army men to play out battle scenes.
Plastic 50 Piece Army Soldiers
Price: £4.99 (price may change)
Army Soldier Pack of 50 Assorted Design. Approx 2 inches. Great value for your money.
Plastic 38 Piece Soldier Pack
Classic toy green army men with a total of 38 pieces. Each army man comes in multiple poses.
Plastic 30 Piece Army Men Action World
A bag full of toy green army men. Includes 30 pieces, half in dark green, and the other half of the pack in light green.
KandyToys 53 Piece Combat Mission Soldier Play Set
Consisting of toy soldiers, tank, trucks, and accessories.
KandyToys 48 Piece Combat Mission Soldiers
Combat Mission 48 piece Soldier set consisting of army men in different poses. Available in three colour shades.
Tober 32 Piece Army Troopers with Storage Bag
A platoon of 32 nicely-detailed plastic toy soldiers.
John Toy Army Forces Playset with Play Mat
Consist of army men, US army flag on pole, army command tent, barbwire, jeep and tank.
Ackerman 120 Piece Army Play Set
Classic 120 peice green army men pack. The pack contains lots of green soldiers, sandbags, US flag, jeep and tank.