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Toy Army puts young army enthusiasts in to combat with branded toy army figures and vehicles. Toy Army.co.uk is completely committed to bringing you only kids quality army toys, with a few army role playing equipment thrown in for fun. Traditional kids army toys are usually finished in shades of green with green camouflage or desert colours being the most popular choice amongst children.

All our featured army toys are available from brands such as Peterkin with plastic toy army figures and vehicles, to Character Options officially licensed HM Armed Forces action figures, representing the British armed forces. If that's not enough we have those little plastic green army men in packs, military vehicles including toy tanks, armoured assault vehicles, army toy planes and helicopters to complete any set.

Featured Categories

World Peacekeepers Lookout Tower & Figures
Army Playsets
Army playsets come complete with army figures, vehicles and accessories in plastic or diecast.
HM Armed Forces Royal Marines Commando with Hawk Eyes
Army Figures
Find kids army figures representing real world armies, complete with real clothing, weapons and gear.
Toy Story Andy's Toy Soldiers
Green Army Men
Discover those little green army men you buy in packs in all shades of green with a few extras included.
HM Armed Forces Fast Pursuit Battle Tank
Army Tanks
Children's toy army tanks come in plastic or solid die-cast finish with tracked wheels and guns.
HM Armed Forces Tri Force Wmik Jackal Vehicle
Army Vehicles
Build up a collection of toy army vehicles in plastic or diecast with assault cars, motorcycles & quads.
HM Armed Forces Vector Thrust Fast Jet
Army Planes
Support your army from the air piloting toy army planes varying from fighter jets to bombers.
HM Armed Forces Apache Attack Helicopter
Army Helicopters
Army Helicopters can land in places planes can't and used for destroying ground targets and carrying troops.
KAS Grenade Ammo Box With 6 Toy Grenades
Army Weapons
Play armies in the garden or around the block with a nice looking toy army gun with realistic sound.

Here on Toy Army you can browse a wide range of kids plastic toy army figures and Character Options HM Armed Forces army figures made from strong plastic which are usually suitable for children 3 years and up. In addition to toy army figures and vehicles, we feature army sets which come complete with plastic or die-cast vehicles, figures, army camps or bases, watch tower and weapons adding real play value. Supporting your toy army includes navy, air force and marines backed up with special forces and intellegence toys from CIA figures to MI5 toy.